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About us

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Architect by education

Creative and open to experiments. Believes that a person should own and use only what he/she really needs. In love with natural materials, effective use of tiny spaces, and multifunctional use of furniture. Always seeking to learn more, do more and go further. A big dreamer.


Car mechanic by education

Carpenter by vocation. Interested in all sports of vehicles, knowing every part and function there is. Believes that if you want something done you should turn the making process into a steep learning curve and use this to progress further. Very handy and skillfull.

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We make up
a good team together

We are a couple in life and a good team when it comes to work.
The trust and support always matters and our strongest sides
seem to complement one another and help us be more efficient.
We love the mixture of mental and physical work that these
tiny projects require. What keeps us passionate and 100 per cent
involved is that every Koleliba project involves high level of creativity
and some sort of innovation.

Meet Koleliba

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