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Koleliba is a tiny house on wheels

Available in three standard options, each one designed to make you feel at home.

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What is Koleliba ?

Koleliba is basically an oiled-plywood box with broad glazing and a glass door that swings open to let in plenty of fresh air and natural light.

  • Registered galvanized steel frame trailer

  • Broad aluminum framed glazing in a custom colour

  • Treated timber structure with 8/10cm thermal insulation

  • Special attention to outdoor chill zone

  • Bespoke furniture for optimal space saving and comfort

  • Electricity with fuseborad, designer lighting fixtures

  • Interior - Plywood and timber

  • Exterior canopy for extra sun shading

  • Plumbing with PVC pipes

Frequently asked questions

We have tried to answer the questions that are most asked by people who are interested in tiny houses. You can find more in Questions page.

  • Designed to fit


    As the feel of the used materials were very important to us we chose to go with white oiled cladding and ply wood. This oil allowed the timber to breathe and kept the enchanting smell of freshly cut wood stay in the tiny house forever.

  • Close to Nature


    We made the exterior a natural continuation of the interior. A big bench spanning the main façade and canopy for the desired open space.

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