Koleliba Bespoke.

Design your own unique tiny from scratch.


Koleliba Bespoke.

Whether it is for your hospitality business or just for yourself, there are times when you need things differently. Use our architectural expertise to design and build your own bravest ideas.

Bespoke Process

A Place to Disconnect.

Our busy schedules often leave us drained at the end of the week. Our tinies are a great option for a weekend home, where you could recharge, relax and spend some meaningful time, by just being present.

Double bed

Double bed

Full size double bed with quality mattress provides comfort for your holiday recharging.


Full kitchen

Full-size kitchen with a sink, fridge-freezer, cooker and electrical sockets for other appliances.



Full-sized bathroom with a waterless toilet /Trobolo or Separett/ avoids the need of a sewage system.



Creative storage that hides the utilities but also leaves you plenty of room for belongings.


Bespoke Process

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Step 1

Scope and requirements.

It could be a one-off house project or a whole glamping site to develop. We have a devoted engineering team, which is lead by our co-founder arch. Hristina Hristova. Her designs have been internationally published and she has won international architectural awards, so leave it in her hands to make your ideas even greater.
Step 2

Concept and technical design.

Koleliba team will work on the design until it reaches level of detail that is good enough for production including electrical, HVAC, plumbing and off-grid solutions. More information about the technical aspects of the Koleliba design are available on our specifications page.
Step 3

Detailed offer.

Based on the technical design a detailed offer that reflects all the information and specifications will be made for your project.
Step 4

Building time.

After everything is clear, it is now building time. Here are the standard components of our building process.
Step 5

Delivery and installation.

We are ready to deliver and if needed to help out with the installation process. Learn more about our delivery & installation process.
If you have any other questions related to the steps descibed above, check out our list of frequently asked questions.
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