Tiny Houses by Koleliba.

The perfect weekend home.


Koleliba Tiny.

Our tiny houses are a unique way to live in balance with nature. They are zero-footprint, made from sustainably sourced timber and also happen to offer off-grid options.

Floor Plans

A Place to Disconnect.

Our busy schedules often leave us drained at the end of the week. Our tinies are a great option for a weekend home, where you could recharge, relax and spend some meaningful time, by just being present.

Double bed

Double bed

Full size double bed with quality mattress provides comfort for your holiday recharging.


Full kitchen

Full-size kitchen with a sink, fridge-freezer, cooker and electrical sockets for other appliances.



Full-sized bathroom with a waterless toilet /Trobolo or Separett/ avoids the need of a sewage system.



Creative storage that hides the utilities but also leaves you plenty of room for belongings.

Images: Parcel tiny houses


Koleliba Mini Pods cater for minimalist yet comfortable experiences, closer to nature.

Tiny House Models.

Tiny Houses Main Features:

  • Optional side storage box/off-grid gear
  • Zip-lock metal roofing system, textured paint
  • Thermally-braked aluminium sliding doors
  • Optional modular decking
  • Optional off-grid gear utility cabinet
  • Full-sized kitchen
  • Timber steps
  • Optional wood burning stove & chimney
  • Optional solar panels
  • All birch plywood interior
  • Thermally-braked aluminium hinged glazing
  • Linseed-oiled spruce cladding
  • Park or mobile trailer and adjustable legs

Tiny House FAMILY
park or mobile

Tiny House SHOJI
park or mobile

Tiny House MINI
park or mobile

See it Built

park or mobile

park or mobile

See it Built

park or mobile

park only

See it Built

Tiny House JANA
park only

Tiny House SUMMER
park only

Tiny House GETAWAY
park only

Tiny House WEEKEND
park only

Tiny Houses Brochure.

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The Process.

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The Logistics.

When your house is ready and leaves our workshop it gets driven to its destination and installed by our team. Check our FAQs page for some popular questions and answers.

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