Family Tiny

А weekend escape in the Austrian mountains.




Pinsdorf, Austria


Mar 2019

A bespoke tiny house with a bedroom niche and two extra sleeping spaces.

This spacious 6.5 x 2.5 meter cabin features a separate bedroom niche and has the finctionality and style to make you feel comfortable and cosy at the same time.

This model features a bedroom niche that could be closed off and a living space with a fold-out sofa bed, a full size bathroom with a shower and a kitchen. This tiny house could accommodate a family of four offering a double bed, a sofa bed and a pull-out single bed. An fold-out sunshade and removable benches, which can be ordered as an extra, turn the front façade into a nice outdoor chill zone. The façades are made from Siberian larch and treated with linseed oil in natural color.

This tiny house is sutuated in upper Austria where our clients positioned it on quite a steep plot with lovely views towards the nearby mountain. They use it as a weekend home to enjoy the nature around and escape from their 'apartment' life.

Project Floor Plan
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Photography: Yana Lozeva

Client Story.

"One of our bigger dreams has come true! We still cannot believe it utterly but the investment, construction and delivery, worked out very well."
Claudia and Earnst
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