Our Work.

We use hands-on approach to turn design into reality.


We are doers.

At Koleliba we are passionate about small scale architecture. We apply traditional carpentry and minimalist design to create tiny houses that inspire and connect us with nature. Our approach is architecture-centred and we follow the latest trends.

Having the right team is key when making a complex product like a tiny house. We are proud of the Koleliba team and we are lucky to have skilful and thoughtful people in it.

Architecture-centred design process.

Tiny spaces require careful planning and a design approach that is minimalistic but also practical.

Our design team is lead by arch. Hristina Hristova, but we also have structural, installation engineers and a furniture designer. All of these people do their best to turn living in a tiny house into an experience.

Up-to-date building technology.

Using the right technology is key to the longevity of any building and tiny houses make no exception.

We use classic timber framing for the structure. It is carefully calculated by our structural engineers so that the right balance between strength and element sizing is found. Installations like electricity, plumbing and HVAC are done by professionals and are based on the good EU practices for safety and longevity.

Skilful carpentry.

Having the right team is a must when making a complex product like a tiny house.

As the space is small, the structure and the installations should be well-planned and done with precision. Reading the drawings and turning them into reality looks so easy in their hands. Good communication between the design and the building team ensures any discrepancies are taken care of before the actual building takes place.

Images: ABCDSpace
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