Delivery & Installation.

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Koleliba Delivery Process.

Step 1

Your tiny house is built and ready to be transported.

Once we’ve built the house a final inspection is organized and you are invited to come and see the house yourself and make sure it as all as expected. We sign the hand-over certificate and then a delivery is scheduled. We do all necessary cargo insurances and get ready for the day of the loading.
Step 2

Loading the house at our premises.

Koleliba LTD. is responsible for the safe loading of the house onto the truck for oversized loads. Once on the truck, the transport company steps into the process and makes sure the house is well positioned on the platform and secured as necessary. We sign off all the transport documents and inform you on expected delivery date.*
Step 3

Unloading the house on your site.

On the delivery date you are expected to have unloading vehicle prepared /usually a tractor or an SUV/. The truck stops at the closest location where it is possible to unload and maneuver. The truck driver assist you with removing all the security straps and gear and frees the house so it could be unloaded. After the house is hooked and off the truck you could carefully drive it to your desired location.

Koleliba Installation.

Step 1

Plot preparation.

Before the actual installation takes place you are supposed to prepare the land where the house will be parked. Ideally the terrain under it is made flat or nearly flat, a weed membrane is laid and on top of it there is a layer of gravel. You need reinforced concrete pads at least 60x60cm to position the legs on. All the installations are in the right positions /a scheme is issued by Koleliba/.
Step 2


Once the house is in the correct place, the first job to be done is position the pads and legs and level the house with а levelling tool. This step is crucial for the right operation of plumbing and roofing systems. Then you are supposed to connect the house to water, sewage and electricity. We issue Installation manual that addresses this process in more detail and gives further instructions if the house is off-grid.
Step 3

Initial testing period.

After the house is connected and ready to be used it is time test if everything is operational and working as expected. We give you two weeks’ time and during this period we are readily available for your questions and will come up with advice instantly.
Step 4


We will handle all problems if any during the warranty period. You could also ask us anything related to maintenance like re-oiling the cladding or care for the trailer.
Step 5

Don’t forget to enjoy!

The delivery and installation often times feel stressful for our clients but we are here every step of the way to support you. Once it is all set it is time take a breath and organize a welcome party to celebrate your new tiny.
If you have any further questions related to the steps descibed above, please check out our FAQs.
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