Comfortable additions to your tiny home.


TROBOLO ® composting toilets.

Experience comfortable and hygienic toilet use everywhere. Simple, self-sufficient and sustainable. We are official Trobolo distributors for Bulgaria, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need one.

SEPARETT ® waterless toilets.

Waterless toilet solutions with a purpose of increasing quality of life, making  every day life easier and more comfortable for all. We are an official Separett distributor for Bulgaria, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need one.

Self-levelling legs.

We offer metal legs to support your house and stabilize its position. The height-adjusting option allows you to level the house perfectly even if your plot isn’t completely flat.

Step ladder.

The height of a standard trailer is between 65 and 70cm. If you don’t plan for a decking in front of the main façade, a step ladder is a good option to enter easily into the house. It often acts as a bench to catch some sun. Different widths are available.

Modular decking.

We know from experience that living tiny is more about living outside and that’s why decking in front of the cabin makes a lot of sense. We made a simple modular system that works on self-levelling legs and allows for different sizes and shapes.

'Garage' side box.

To maximaze on storage and help you keep your house clutter-free, we offer lockable side storage boxes where you could keep some tools, outdoor equipment or just stuff that you don't use every day. The side box could also serve as an off-grid technical room.

Garden swing.

One of our clients requested a swing to complement their outdoor space. The first one we built overlooks a beautiful lake, but probably you also have a view you would enjoy while swinging.

Textile futons and sofa-beds.

In a limited space multifunctional furniture pieces are a key. Our futons and sofa beds are made of quality foam and unfold to become single or double guest beds.


Watching a real fire feels relaxing and almost like meditation. So often times a wood-burning stove in a tiny house is not just for heating but also for the pleasure of having a real fire. We do it safely with thermally insulated chimneys and take all precautions to make it safe to use in a timber-structure cabin.

VELUX ® skylights.

A window to the stars is what will take your stay in a tiny house to another level. But it is practical too – hot air tends to go near the ceiling in the house and a skylight allows for good ventilation. We us Velux windows in different sizes, that could be installed on flat or sloped roofs.

Access control system.

As our cabins are mostly used in the wild, a good security and access control will make you feel safer about your property. Hikvision systems also offer a simple software and a keyless entry that is very handy for hospitality businesses or AirBnb hosts.

Solar system.

We could prepare your house and make it Off-grid-ready. We install solar panels on the roof and drive all the cables to a specific technical space in the house where invertor and batteries could be easily connected.

Note: We advise you to install the solar gear locally so that you could benefit from the maintenance and support of the local company

Off-grid water solutions.

Water pumps, pressurized tanks, grey water filtration systems and clean water tanks fitted under the bed are standard for houses that operate completely off-grid. We have experience with those and are happy to suggest suitable solution depending on your specific case.

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