Villa Limno

A minimalist bespoke tiny on the Greek island of Lemnos.




Lemnos, Greece


Jun 2021

A minimalistic summer home for a family of three that overlooks the Aegean Sea.

This bespoke holiday home was designed in collaboration with our clients who have a very good eye for design and are true minimalists. They use it as their summer escape where they enjoy the Mediterranean sun throughout most of the year and practice kiting.

Villa Limno is built onto a homologated trailer and moves each autumn to it its winter location. The interior includes a fully equipped kitchen and living space, a separate bedroom with a desk for remote working and a bathroom with a shower enclosure. It aslo features additional sleeping with two fold-out armchairs.

Interior and styling: Veneta & Veselin Hitrovi.

Project Floor Plan
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Photography & Interior: Veneta Hitrova

Client Story.

This amazing home looks like being in the desert but is just meters away from the best Lemno's beach.
Veneta and Veselin Hitrovi
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