Kab'inn Joy

A modern minimalist tiny based on Koleliba M-size model.


Bespoke, based on Koleliba M-size.


Paris area, France


Sep 2020

An architecturally intriguing model we designed for our French partners - Kab'inn - as part of their tiny homes range.

We created this model еspecially for our partners from Kab’Inn. This tiny is a high-end minimalist house with a flat roof. It has high ceilings and due to being open-plan it feels spacious. It features a double bed with a side storage-bench, fold out futon, kitchen and a full-size bathroom. A small bar spans across the sliding doors to make room for those leasurly breakfasts overlooking the surroundings or a to be used home office space.

Project Floor Plan
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Photography: Parcel Tiny Houses

Client Story.

"How to describe my trust in Koleliba? Well, I did not order one tiny house, but 10! The work of Hristina, Ivelin and the team combines creativity, innovation, quality and a very strong attention to details that makes all the difference. They are great partners to work with, helpful, responsive, friendly. They are a great inspiration and pioneers in making tiny houses a piece of art."
Jonathan Guennoc, Kab'inn Ltd.
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