Hristina Hristova

Chief Architect, CEO & Partner

Hristina Hristova is a qualified architect, certified by the Bulgarian Chamber of Architects, with a Master’s degree in Architecture, speciality: History and Theory of Architecture, UACEG, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Practicing since 2009, Hristina has experience in residential, small-scale, hospitality, and historically sensitive projects. Using timber both as a finishing and structural material is one of her stronger sides. Before she fully indulged in Koleliba both as a leading architect, a CEO and partner, she was part of great architectural teams like: Simon Gill Architects /London,UK/, Don’t DIY /Sofia, Bulgaria/ and is the former founder and partner of PONY Architects /Sofia, Bulgaria/.

At present Hristina also runs a small architectural practice – Hristina Hristova Architects, based in Ruse, Bulgaria.

Hristina's work is internationally renowned and published and she has won awards for her work such as 'Big See Wood' award, 'Big See Tourism' award, the 'Archinova' award, Bulgarian Chamber of architects award, Arch. P.Berbenliev award etc. to name a few.

Hristina finds pleasure in spending some weekends in the office designing everything to the last detail or focusing on new models. Her true passion is to oversee and manage the whole process of a house being built - from the first sketches to the moving-in day.

It is no secret that Ivelin and Hristina beside business partners are also a couple and share not only the passion for tinies but their life and love. They have a little boy - Boril - who could often be found helping in the workshop or at the office.

How did Koleliba Start?

Our Story.

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